Keeping it Custom: Unique Wall Art For a Living Room

If you want to give your living room a truly one-of-a-kind look, uniquely designed wall art pieces can be the perfect solution. When choosing wall art, you’ll find an almost unlimited number of options, some of which can be quite unusual and unique. In addition to the usual paintings and prints, wall sculptures are another interesting option. Or, choose a tapestry wall hanging, paint a mural on the wall, or create your own wall art piece by simply framing something unusual. Here are a few interesting wall art ideas to consider if you need a bit of decorating inspiration. Oversized Art Even if you prefer the look of more traditional paintings and prints, you can add a unique look to your walls by choosing an oversized piece. For example, instead of hanging a traditionally sized painting over your sofa, why not use a huge piece as a backdrop behind the entire sofa? You can also make a strong design statement in the living room by displaying an oversized art piece on a wall devoid of furniture or other decorating accessories. Create the ultimate in oversized art by covering an entire wall with a painted mural. If you have some artistic talent, you could even paint the mural yourself. Large geometric shapes, patterns or stripes can provide the perfect accent for a contemporary styled living room. Wall Sculptures It can be a lot of fun to decorating your living room with wall sculptures, because there are so many possible options from which to choose. Whether you prefer the modern look of metal wall sculptures or the rustic look of wood, you certainly won’t run out of design possibilities. If you want to give your living room a truly unique look, consider having a piece of custom sculpture created especially for you. It can also be fun to create your own custom piece of wall sculpture. Even if you don’t have the artistic talent required to create a realistic piece, you can express your emotions by creating an abstract sculpture. Wall Tapestries A beautiful wall tapestry is often the perfect way to highlight and accentuate the theme of a room. For example, a uniquely designed and patterned Indian blanket could be the perfect wall hanging for your Southwestern style living room. Although you’ll find plenty of beautiful tapestries online and in stores, it can be fun to frequent art and craft shows for local originals. Not only will you be adding unique beauty of your living room, but you’ll also be doing your part to support the local arts. Unique Wall Art Choices Because art is such a personal matter, there’s really no limit as to what you might consider to be “wall art.” A treasured football jersey, pressed flowers from your backyard garden, or your great-grandmother’s bonnet could all serve as unique wall art. Vintage movie posters, antique signs or your grandmother’s handmade quilt could also be used as unique wall art. These highly personalized pieces will add a truly unique look to your living room walls.

Organize Clutter With Custom-Built Wall Shelves

One way to give your spaces more serenity is with organized shelving. Beautifully put your clutter in order. Using custom-built wall sculptures will save your day. A neat surrounding is a great morale booster. Discover places in your room where function and form will be beneficial to the family, especially a home office. Subject your desktop to a detailed critical inspection. When paying bills is no fun, then it is time to fix your worktable. On a busy day, scattered papers and missing supplies can get out of hand. Enable yourself time to create your work space. Make the place where you write the checks as fuss-free as possible. Smartly outfit a wall-climbing compartment unit. Custom-made shelves can sit on tabletops anytime. To make them personal, paint each shelf interior with your favorite color to make the space more inviting. Of course, the color has to be in harmony with the room’s over-all appearance. Each shelf should have a specific purpose and the contents easy to distinguish. Easy-to-grab containers in webbed or translucent plastic allows you to see what is inside. Objects you do not use frequently can be placed on the top shelf. Added attraction is a clear in and out box which does not appear to crowd the desktop unlike colored ones. A home office should look as professional as a corporate cubicle while at the same time reminding you of home. Home accessories like galvanized metal bins and wicker baskets can store work papers. Galvanized metal bins can substitute for thick and heavy cabinets while the texture of wicker complements the shiny metal bins. A decorative lamplight as a home dеcor fixture adds a soft glow to the room. In one corner of the home office, you can make an ideal setting for reflection by using built-in shelves and a cozy seat. A store-bought bookcase can create a similar nook. Store photographs, videos, books, cards and stationery together on shelves such as these. One way of keeping in touch with family and friends is by having blank and seasonal greeting cards on hand. Even in this techno-savvy age, it will not hurt you to use these cards once in a while. A decorative box can hold pens, stamps and a list of dates to remember. Pockets of loose photos can be stored in decorative boxes. Clear plastic drawers hold your digital camera, video camera and other paraphernalia. It is best to remember that too many small and loose pieces look more like a mess. Develop a theme for each shelf, and try to look for colors to tie the scheme together. Many of you now work at home, and while you may be ready for it, your busy household may not. If you think you do not have space for an office, look again. You can designate a room or part of a room which you can recycle into an efficient work center. With stylish, custom-built wall sculptures, you can create and enjoy your true “work” rooms.

Custom Copper Designs,Interior Design, Custom Furniture Creation, Antique Restoration

Interior design is very important in people’s lives because it expresses understanding of comfort, beauty, and adds value for the homes. Three aspects have to be combined when people start thinking about interior decoration: wall color, furniture and accessories. Any room, whether it is an apartment or inside in your home looks dull and boring if the interior design is only bold painted walls and simple ordinary furniture – just like a sterilized place for surgical treatment. This is especially true if, from the first look inside, what you see is this unexciting furniture that was bought from warehouses and looks exactly the same, like in other people’s homes – with the same framed pictures on the walls, the same light fixtures – it does not have the atmosphere that a family will enjoy being in. It is too plain, not unique, and is easy to forget. You must notice that color of wall paint plays an important role in our lives. It reflects people’s personality. One way to give an impression of who you are is by decorating your home with unique choice of colors. Next, what should come to mind when you think of your home as a lovable, enjoyable place where it is nice to come back after a long, exhausting day. There are many available options and styles that add a unique look to your place. They have to be considered when you start home decorating. Combine the color of paint for the walls with comfortable furniture and different colored and textured rugs. Add a couple unique pieces – it is not necessary to have a big collection. A few of the right home accessories will make an amazing difference. To begin decorating, you will want to figure out right choice of furniture. It is very important because you need to consider some of factors – that the furniture set will complement room shape, size, and wall color. When it is too dark it can make room looks gloomy. Too much pure light color will make a room that has no personality. With the right choice of colors custom furniture can lighten or darken the surrounding area. Furniture can bring cozy, warm atmosphere, or can create a great, sophisticated look. Because custom made furniture will reflect your desires you certainly will feel that the room gained desired harmony. While decorating your house, try to find out what exquisite looking accents you can add to improve the interior of your home. A few of the right accessories will make a big difference in creating your own style that matches your personal taste. Imagine the enjoyable view if our eyes can see wonderful restored antiques or surprisingly bright modern designs. Art of Antique Restoration and Modern Design Creations are always eye-catching. It can be a set of art pieces that softly blends with room décor or other masterpieces that speak loudly and have their own personality. In addition, because these unique custom made designs have a stylish look, any surroundings in the room can be arranged into an elegant style. The latest technique in design patterns on copper plates and blocks allows creating wonderful art of modern copper wall decorations, modern copper light fixtures. They have a very attractive look because of unique patterns. Tables and chairs resurfaced with copper plates with unique designs will give special effects because patterns on copper plates change their colors depending on the light in the room. These creations that turn heads and amazed people with their uniqueness will give a finishing touch that will make it easy to transfer any ordinary looking room into an exclusively designed place.

Can You Put a Rug Over Wall to Wall Carpeting?

Many people purchase homes that have wall to wall carpeting in them, while others opt to have wall to wall carpeting put in because they want to have warm feet or warmer floors. Invariably many people decide, later, to eliminate this carpeting style. You may be one of the lucky ones who can pull it up to reveal beautiful hardwood floors underneath, but if your wall to wall carpeting was placed on concrete floors, you’re stuck. One solution that many people ask about is whether or not they can put area rugs right on top of carpeting. Is this an acceptable thing to do or is it a fashion gaffe? The Solution When you think about whether you can place modern rugs over your wall to wall carpeting, you may try to think about homes you’ve seen in the past with the same type of style. Chances may be good that you don’t know someone who has done this, as many people believe that it is not something that is considered acceptable in the world of home décor. In reality, however, it is absolutely permissible to put an area rug over your carpeting, if you do it correctly. First of all, don’t try to cover all of your carpeting with modern rugs. This is an instant giveaway that you dislike your carpeting and that you’re simply trying to cover it up. What you want to do is to accent the wall to wall carpeting that you have, as well as to accent your furniture. The first thing you should think about when you’re trying to determine size is what you’re trying to do. Are you simply trying to make your carpeting more enjoyable and livable, or are you trying to cover up a worn spot? If you’re trying to cover up a worn spot, you’ll know about how large your rug needs to be in order to cover up the worn area. Don’t be afraid to go larger, as this can help your room to look even better. Once you know how large you want it to be, start trying to figure out what direction it should be in. It’s perfectly acceptable to put modern rugs diagonal in your room, and it can add a huge amount of dramatic flair as well. Colour is also important. You’ll want to select a colour that compliments the carpet without contrasting it too much. If you have a neutral coloured rug then you have a lot of leeway as to what you can get for your modern rugs. You can get brightly colored ones or more muted tones. If you have neutral coloured rugs, try to match the modern rugs to the furniture that you have if you’re looking to get the best result. At the end of the day everybody’s taste are different, there is no right or wrong way to add rugs onto a carpeted area, if you do it tastefully then you can create a wonderful looking space.

Unique Wall Art Trends For Wall Decor.

Unique ways to use wall deco The wall is the most ideal and important area to start a new decorating theme for a room. It greatly affects the decor of any room at commercial space such as hotels rooms, offices, receptions areas and as well as bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms and even bathrooms. Interior design has always been a popular trend among home owners who maintain a social status so as to impress guests who visits their home. The idea of having a sophisticated and lavish home is every ones dream and wall decoration with unique ways is an important part of this process. The likes of using posters, art prints, canvas prints on walls as per themes as easy way to decorate a room. The wall of our home can be used to represent our personality & preference of wall art is a perfect way to show this. However even if you’re not a pop star fan, but if you have that special passion for music, movies, you can also have a home that reveals a magnificent wall filled with your favorite wall art trends such as abstract art, modern art or landscape art. Wall art can turn a bland and dull living room into a place that expresses love for art & decor. Abstract art prints is another option you can user over walls. This is a trend that has been their forever and often used by highly sophisticated and people with intellect. For centuries we have decorated our walls for the purpose of the enjoying beauty of art, to bring warmth into a room, to express our personalities and also to cover that annoying patches in the wall. It could be anything from paintings to mirrors to art pictures, whatever a person wants to put up to decorate the walls of the home. Specifically, wall decoration can be prints of famous paintings to be enjoyed at home. A grouping of smaller pieces of wall art that are by a famous artist can be a great focal point for a room. Art Prints when are used for wall decor of a room in a home, office or a commercial establishment as they tend to bring in the same aesthetic value of art without a huge price tag. Prints offer a perfect means to decorate at affordable prices and this is why they are a big business for artist and sellers alike. In fact art prints as artwork are seen as a status symbol in the society which also help you personalize your message to the onlooker. This form of wall decor style is quite popular in India. The themes and colors of chosen wall decor art are only limited to the imagination of the decor enthusiast or the one who chooses the prints The walls of the room are a blank canvas for families to come in and create their own style in their own space. Using wall art that suits each person in their space as well as family choices in shared spaces is a great way to bring personality and style into the home. Wall decor art can vary from paintings to photography to collages and artwork, whatever suits, ones who live there.